X-Perspective: Always bet on America, on Freedom, on Yourself

Starting from scratch, the first step was forward, any move not in directional congruity with that first step is either backwards, stalled or sideways, a real Hobtson's choice.

A bet on America is a bet against the authoritarian global mob mentality.

A bet on an acolyte of freedom is tantamount to betting on someone who bets on himself, he buys in .to the premise of a better tomorrow.

If you aren't willing to bet on yourself, you will inspire less confidence in others to bet on you.

Bet on the future, for since Man first ventured from his African grasslands, he's always been hopeful of a brighter tomorrow, for if he didn't, what inducement does that give to venture out of the house or the hut or the cave?


  1. Inspiring.

  2. Good read! Thank you!


  3. Agree. We're all the descendants of survivors.


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