X-Perspective: Henry V, Act III, scene 1 (kn a sense)

Today I went to the 'local' disability gym.  it's in a different city, across the metropolis..  I had a good session, excepting the fact that I tried climbing the rock wall, but could not. My left hand is still weak from a procedure meant to do just that. It worked too well; lesson learned. But at least I'm gonna say that I tried to scale the wall; id est, 'Once more unto the breach dear friends,once more'

All this means is a delay; I shall remain undeterred in my quest to get back to good.. Just have to wait for my hand to strengthen, the damaging drugs to dissipate from the injections.

While waiting for my opportunity to try to scale the wall, I took a detour to a Target store proximal to the disability center. It was fruitful, mostly because I did my internet due diligence on the products at a more local Target; their offerings are pretty ubiquitous.  I procured Noxzema, for I've noticed some nascent breakouts resultant of dry skin, and also oily skin. Noxzema should mitigate both maladies.  I also bought some beard butter to try to train my mustache; part of it is diffuse, the other kind of flowing like a fu-man-chu should.  I wish to bring them more into alignment.  Once more unto the breach, and away from the razor.

All that is my attempt to bring hirsute back; my fight against modernity and its prejudice against the hairy; but I suppose that has been a trend, ever since our ancestors swung from branch to branch.

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