X-Perspective:A Step Hopefully Forward

Tomorrow morning, I will be going to the much-lauded Ability360 exercise/training/recreational facility. I took a tour when they first opened their doors.  Looked impressive.

This will give me 3 days a week where I'll be lifting weights, a definite step in the right direction.
Three days training with resistance, cutting the carbs, just plain getting out and doing more should advance the ball of my life down the field.  Stretching the metaphor to its breaking point, hopefully I'll be the 'belle of the ball;' but I'm a guy; so, perhaps I should set my aspiration to be the 'beau of the ball?'  I'll just settle for being me.

And I think I should start having a driver once a week on Wednesdays, which means that I'll be able to start attending this support group that meets once a month, but I'm pretty cognizant that I should be able to find  some utility for egress the other weeks

To quote my favorite bard from my youth:

"Oh well, Whatever, Nevermind. "

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