X-Perspective:It's Good to Revisit Old Patterns from Time to Timetl

While the house was gone getting bottled water for the water cooler this morning, I revisited the local Fry's:Food and Drug.  I was in search of some electric toothbrush heads and shampoo. My current assortment of brush heads are getting slightly worn.  I could not, however, find my particular brand of brush.  But after some searching, I found shampoo.

After a semi-fruitful venture to Fry's, I suggested that we go to Burger King.  After navigating the intersection concrete safety barriers, blocking direct traversal from one parking lot to the next.  There I had a milkshake and some french fries.

After adequate consumption, I suggested that we peruse the local Goodwill establishment, if for no other reason than merely to take inventory of their offerings.  I did find there two pairs of shorts that are just ever so slightly too large, but hey, that's what belts are for.

In more than one sense, and I will elaborate on this further in future missives, mission successfully accomplished, or to borrow the words of Ice Cube, a Gen-X-icon:'Today was a Good Day.'

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