Bob Frost's Writing on Division May be Germane to Our Current Age

Early in the last century (1914), poet Robert Frost wrote in his iconic poem, Mending Wall: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.  For what purpose does one erect a fence?  as Dexter Holland sang with the Offspring, 'You gotta keep 'em separated.' What is a better partition than even a fence?  That's right, a wall.

In sparsely populated areas, fences work just fine.  Id est, on the back 40 of a large acreage farm or some remote ranch, where the fence is used to keep animals on the property, or on the wide open hinterland of the Canadian/United States border where crossings are infrequent. On the other face of the coin, at the frequently traversed, United States/Mexico border,  if fences are good (and they must be, for they are not unusual down Mexico-way), wouldn't a wall be even better?

It could also be beneficial (term is inapt, but gets the general point across) for Mexico as well.  To become a modern society, one not so socially stratified and riddled with cartels, the underclass would have to revolt.  As it stands currently, whenever the underclass gets restless, they are just directed across the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande) to El Norte (America).

As Thomas Paine wrote at the birth of our nation,']T]hese are the days that try mens' souls,' I'd also posit that the current era is trying in its own right

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