In War, We Must All Choose a Side

I yearn for a simpler time, irregardless of whether such a time truly existed. I like constancy, or in Tevia's words, "TRADITION."

It is in that vein that I support Coca-Cola over Pepsi. Over the years, I've grown to love the bite Coke has that Pepsi does not.

Pepsi is sweeter, sure, more saccharine sweet but in this age where sugar is verboten because it is the source of most  weight gain, I find Coke's crispness a pleasantly subtle reminder to try to shy away from the allure of the seductive carbohydrate.

Additionally, to me Coke is more associated with the masculine and Pepsi, the feminine; id est, my dad drank Coke, my mom, my aunt, my grandma, Pepsi.

Even in their color schemes, Coke is red, Pepsi blue. And I tend to align more with the rebellious red Republicans than the blue of the collectivist Democrats.

And as I opined in a previous post, i tend to align more with the red British than the blue Continentals (read: French, Germans). That despite being mostly Dutch and a fair bit of German.  But hey,  my grandfather was a rancher of Dutch descent,  and he got a kick out of Benny Hill and the rest of the comical Brits; so, I suppose more than a little of the old cowboy survives in me.

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  1. You are so funny. A pure joy to read your stories. Keep it up!


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