B-List Movie Reviews: Rampage

For a film based on a 1980's-era pub crawl video game, Rampage was worth precisely the $4.50 I paid to watch the film.  The CGI graphics were quite ccomparable to the horde of Godzilla retreads produced near the turn of the century.

I suppose that's to be expected after all, didn't Canada's BareNaked Ladies echo that sentment with the refrain: 'It's all been done before.'  I guess everything is just a rehash or permutation of either s wroteomething that some Classical Roman author, a Gospel writer, or Shakespeare wrote.

My verdict on Rampage is 4 bottles of beer  the wall.  Good but not great repose of the monster movie genre.

In the 1980's, my parents owned a sign painting comp, and in an adjacent stripmall there was a working neighborhood bar; that's where I played Rampage. It's not very fun sober, or so I can imagine.  I suppose same could be said for the movie.

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