My Curricular Journey

Going through the traditional gauntlet of educational institutions, I started in Kindergarten, progressed normally, sure I was excelling on the Gifted Track, through 8th grade.  Then, following greener pastures for her career my mom and I moved to Colorado.

There, mid-October, I entered the brand new Middle School, at first I felt a little out of place (city mouse surrounded by country mice or more aptly mountain mices.  I grew to adore that place, but again following the job opportunities, my mom an I moved back into the house we'd left mere months earlier.

Freshman and Sophomore years I excelled on the accelerated track. Summer after Sophomore year I was passenger seared at the impact proint in a nasty T-bone carnt 5 years in collet collision. I suffered a brain injury. After my 10-day coma, I spent another year ans a half in various hospitals and outpatient  rehabilitation.  I then transitioned back into my former high school.  After a year of integrating, I was ready to resume my journey, albeit at a slower pace (more English and Writing courses, less math) for a shorter duration. AP Biology, AP English, AP Government my last year (6 calendar years, 5 curricular years)

After high school, I spent 5 years in college. I went in undeclared, spent some time pursuing business and politics, but ultimately went back to my beeloved Biology. Graduating cum laude, I incorporated my business, politics and English into a Social Sciences minor.

I then followed my business interests to the local wing of the State university. My favorite courses were business law and Finance.

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