Echos from the past

Recently when I've been looking in the mirror, someone else has been gazing back-- the ghost of my maternal grandfather.

There was family lore of us (the royal, familiar US) having some Irish in our sugar code. The D in DNA being deoxyribose, a permutation of the sugar compound,  ribose. My mustache is ruddy, the color of my grandfather's hair in his youth. Red is a telltale hair color pigmentation trait of the Irish.

So, I suppose that makes me German (on my maternal grandmother's side) Dutch (on my paternal and maternal grandfathers' sides, as well as my paternal grandmother) with strong Irish influences. It's no wonder, I'm quite opinionated ands stubborn.

You can never know where you're going, unless and until you know where you've been. If not you, at least your sugar (code). And all this without 23 and me. I'm not cheap, I'm frugal. And I've staked out that position; so, I'll stubbornly defend it. More traits that are in line with my ancestry.

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