Realization, Really

I've come newfound revealed truth that lo these years of inculcation that oom pretty smart, and that if I have even a slight rudimentary knowledge of a subject (either via my 8 years of post high school education or the school of hard knocks) that I ought not be passive but take a leadership role. After all, that was one of the central foci of my graduate school studies.  Leadership of small groups and organizations.  Time to trust myself.


A Hope Renvisioned

I recently got in touch with an old school buddy, from some of elementary, the bus stop in middle, and freshman year of high school.  He tapped my computer and research skills in the start of his new ministry, which hopefully dovetails with my extant mission. Ala the Blues Brothers: I'm on a mission from GOD.  With  any luck, I will at least get more involved with a younger spiritual cohort.  Hopefully in my travels, I'll meet a nice young woman, with whom to start a family.  As my newfound credo states: any step forward is a step in the right direction. Can't hurt for trying.


The perils, the problems, and even I daresay the pluses of having a babyface

Growing up with a babyface (looking decidedly youthful), it was always easy to hang around older groups, to be that token younger member of the cohort.  Still few took me seriously, unless and until I proved my bonafides, which I always did in due course. Additionally, all the girls I liked as a youth always saw me as either a little buddy or younger brother-type.  But now as my cohort, Gern-X, has aged and matured, I don't mind being mistaken for so 10-15 years younger.  I like being misunderestimated. It will probably come in as a net-net plus in the next leg of my mission, the finding and courting of a mate.  I believe it was Sun Tzu, writing in the Art of War: When strong, appear weak. And when weak, appear strong..  I'm not that old but looking even less old could be a distinct tactical advantage

Didn't Pat Benatar liken love to a battlefield?


Sometimes Breaks Can be a Cool Things

After being under the weather the last few days,  yesterday afternoon I was gelling indubitably better. My fever had broken and by morning before church, I was over the hump. Id est, I was in that post illness euphoria...


Phase I/Phase II

Stuff about childhood being a time of exploration and learning. Transformational (trading college courses during the s summers of my high school, just to get a head start, keep the machinery lubed, stay in the. L learning frame of mind, save money,  etc).
Stuff about once those childish things are mastered, stuff getting transactional, mundane and rote.
About really learning that in my last  course of my M.B.A.- marathon.
Per Nirvana', Serve the Servants:  Teenage angst has paid off well, now I'm bored and old.  There are amazing parallels in that thought...

During Phase I, I was being prepared, schooled, trained.  This was fueled by the motivator of angst. 
During Phase II: The schooling gets utilized, training unleashed, processes implemented

If Phase I is undertaken properly, Phase II seems like a veritable let down.  No more restrictive training wheels, life gets much more scatalogical.  Like the opening scene in Temple of Doom, "Anything Goes."  Within reason and maturity.


Burn Baby, Burn

The wildfires, by some estimates, have cost more than $2bn in property damage. Both ciis is totllvilians and firefighters have lost their lives.  This is mostly preventable.  The cause is dead wood which accumulates on the forest floor.  That combined with the leaves makes it a veritable tinderbox awaiting the smallest spark or flame to conflagrate into full inferno.

Industry would happily rectify the situation.  But even sensible logging is a boogeyman.

Government,ble greenpeace, environuts, et al. have combined to light that fire(s).


The realization of my part in His plan

Ala G (Eddie Murphy) in the movie Holy Man, it's time for me to get back to my Mission, quest, thing (Lord of the Rings).  I see it as my calling to try to get a wife and have children, help raise a family (hopefully in that order).  But it is not for me to judge the outcomes.

Ubiquity over precision

Now that we're older, it's oftentimes better to just be vague and hint at things. Let others take your ideas the rest of the way to fruition.

New roles must be developed: the leader and the sage, while new to my generation, they are nevertheless vitally important.

If Nominated, I won't run; if elected,I won't serve... OK, OK, you twisted my arm, I'll serve

Recently my counselor, who facilitates a brain injury support group that I attend, tapped me to t brick wallsadministrate the group's facebook page.  It should be challenging and a fun growth opportunity.

Hey, at least I can Google when I hit brick walls, which I imagine happening quite frequently at first.  Such is the peril of endeavoring at any denovo stretch goal.


I love it when a plan comes together

After an initial miscoordination, my pastor buddy, Justino, who's a longtime friend from elementary, middle and high school, finally met up, and week meet up again next week, such that I might help him start this ministry that he's looking to start. Good meet up today; hopefully good pretends for a future endeavor.

A Distinguishing Feature of the Species

Seeing into the future and acting accordingly. No other species does this.
Savings and investment, delayed consumption. Better uses of energy can be imagined and ran through thought experiments.  Deferring gratification leads to savings which in turn lead to investments, the Lynchpin of the creative endeavor.  That's  one characteristic that makes Homo sapiens the apex predator.  We outcompeted all rivals.  Darwin's survival of the fittest, or survival of the smartest.  Oh yeah, that demonstrates another characteristic championed by Gen-X: brains over brawn.