Phase I/Phase II

Stuff about childhood being a time of exploration and learning. Transformational (trading college courses during the s summers of my high school, just to get a head start, keep the machinery lubed, stay in the. L learning frame of mind, save money,  etc).
Stuff about once those childish things are mastered, stuff getting transactional, mundane and rote.
About really learning that in my last  course of my M.B.A.- marathon.
Per Nirvana', Serve the Servants:  Teenage angst has paid off well, now I'm bored and old.  There are amazing parallels in that thought...

During Phase I, I was being prepared, schooled, trained.  This was fueled by the motivator of angst. 
During Phase II: The schooling gets utilized, training unleashed, processes implemented

If Phase I is undertaken properly, Phase II seems like a veritable let down.  No more restrictive training wheels, life gets much more scatalogical.  Like the opening scene in Temple of Doom, "Anything Goes."  Within reason and maturity.

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