The perils, the problems, and even I daresay the pluses of having a babyface

Growing up with a babyface (looking decidedly youthful), it was always easy to hang around older groups, to be that token younger member of the cohort.  Still few took me seriously, unless and until I proved my bonafides, which I always did in due course. Additionally, all the girls I liked as a youth always saw me as either a little buddy or younger brother-type.  But now as my cohort, Gern-X, has aged and matured, I don't mind being mistaken for so 10-15 years younger.  I like being misunderestimated. It will probably come in as a net-net plus in the next leg of my mission, the finding and courting of a mate.  I believe it was Sun Tzu, writing in the Art of War: When strong, appear weak. And when weak, appear strong..  I'm not that old but looking even less old could be a distinct tactical advantage

Didn't Pat Benatar liken love to a battlefield?

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