Per Bob Frost, taking the lesser trod path

Before my injury, resultant of a car accident, I was a good student (took the PSAT as a Sophomore cold (no prep) and would've been eligible for college scholarships for my score, were I to have taken it as a Junior..  After my hospital stay, following my Traumatic Brain Injury, I opted to return to school to finish my last two years of classes (took me three, including the reintegration year).

Before my physical rehab was completely finished, I resummed high school, but since the diligent rote knowledge portion of my inculcation was behind me, I started with media productions, taught by my former (pre-injury) Speech teacher, who was also my debate coach.  Mostly I used my creative computer skills to concoct whimsical and interesting morning announcements textual verbiage, while also doing the core class projects.

But that soon wore thin, and I added high school Physics on to my regimen. I took it from my chess coach (pre-injury).  Because I've always been sort of a science nerd, I did well. However, at the high school level, I couldn't handle AP Physics (too much complicated math).  I'd have to save that joy for college.

While still in high school, my last two summers, I took English 101 from my freshman high school teacher) through the local community college via email correspondence.  And then I took ENG 102 at the college the next year.

Thing is, I could've taken the GED cold, and pass.  However knowing that colleges apprise rigor, fortitude, the ability to endure as much as raw intellect, I returned to school.

And in Frost-like manner, 'that has made all the difference.'

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