Sunday Afternoons with my Pastor from Another Mother

Awhile ago I reconnected with an old schoolfriend from Elementary, Middle and High schools. He's now a pastor at a church across the Phoenix megalopolis. Our afternoons are chocked full of dialogue, in fact in future meetups he's going to use his connections as a primmer to help me weightlift at a neighborhood gymnasium. He knows a little bit and can access resources to help train me.  I took weightlifting 2+ semesters. One for college credit and one one as independent study (where the instructor would help me individually). On pumped to have a buddy who will repurpose his skills to assist me. Once again giving credo to the phrase, "it's not what you know, it's who you know." I'm being to love the Good Old Boy System.  It's mightily more intuitive. Simpler is usually better.

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