The eternal struggle is enjoined

As I inch ever closer to the big four-oh, I've had to fall back on the wisdom of the ages.  No longer can I gorge on carbohydrates, they offer too quick a cheap energy influx.  By our very nature, the human animal neither needs nor respects the quick win of the sweet tasting carbohydrate.  Finally abandoning the food pyramid (funded by the lobbyists at Big Agriculture), I realized that because of the human anatomy (notably our binocular vision) that we are fundamentally carnivores. The pyramid is upside-down; visi-a-vis, meats and cheeses should be at the base, leafy vegetables in the middle for fiber, and fruits and other carbohydrates on top for a nice little treat.  That was yet another government lie, which may have been more valid when society was more active with constant manual labor of farming.  However, society now prizes intellect and labor-saving processes and procedures, over drudgery and wasting time.  Id est, measure twice, cut once has been replaced by measure once accurately, then cut.

Being ever cognizant that energy input must equal energy output or else fat accumulates, I must be judicious with my food consumption.

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