Weightlifting as balance (ing) therapy

Sundays I weightlift at an EoS fitness around the corner from my house. Currently, we are working on exercising my weaker muscles. This will bring the strength of my right side more in line with my left.

When I was injured in the car accident,  my right basal ganglia was one of the major bleeds that resulted. The basal ganglia regulates resting muscle twitch; muscle twitch is the prime determinant of strength; this means that my left side is naturally stronger than my right. However,  for the longest time, I've been concentrating on strengthening my right side.  However in my neck I've been using that (unearned)  muscle strength as a crutch. Id est, when swallowing I turn or tilt my head slightly left to strengthen my swallow; this has caused my left side side of the check to compararatively hypertrophy, conversely my right side is suffering from slight atrophy.

We are endeavoring to bring my sides into  alignment; from my biological background,  esp. those lessons on psychology notably the neuroplasticity of the brain and its susceptibility to routines and patterns. Making neuropathways is relatively easier than breaking bad pattern pathways.

I try to maintain balance, but it's hard with a naturally right aligned brain which is only exacerbated by right side brain trauma. This causes all sorts of deleterious patterns to emerge.

Yet another obstacle to increased fitness is my brain's natural tendency to forget; id est, ther stimuli must remain constant to be effective, because my brain naturally forgets and is highly susceptible to lethargy. Moreover because I am so intelligent and value efficient, I am naturally prone to laziness. It is a constant bane to my existence. My wont is to omit superfluous steps. I must remain vigilant to constantly fight the urge to always take shortcuts, they are indubitably alluring, a stitch in time; they are my Edenesque fruit of knowledge of good and evil.  I mustn't succumb to temptation.


One Step Forward, One Step Back, Three Steps Forward, Then Home

When I woke up this morning, I got up and had breakfast per usual.  Then noting that I'd lift weights today, I made my protein drink.  I took it with me on mr. Toad's wild ride, shuffling around from house to house, until we had gathered a quorum and headed to the gym.  In drank a few sips of my concoction after each station and finished it on the way home.

I'm pretty proud of myself; having been the impetus for the gnosis of the homes' weightlifting exercise regimen, I have attracted a cohort of 'fellow travelers' who likewise like to expunge the lactic acid with resistance exercise.  Well, that's one day (sometimes two days) per week.  It's all very schedule dependent; id est, whether I can conform it to my schedule, if it fits a hole of free time, I do ii.  If not... well, you sense the pattern.

Actually no: when I got up, I made the protein drink first, and only then did I break my fast.  Did it while 'twas top of mind.  Following that old adage 'don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today,' I've learned to be more strategic with my energy (time, effort, money, etc.)

Since getting home, I am decompressing by blogging.


First Step in a Long Journey

Well yesterday, I received the shipment of protein that I bought via, and today, my buddy from way back (ca. 30 yrs) mixed it, we then worked out and I am drinking it as a restorative and muscle builder.

I noticed the processes he used in the mixology;I'm indubitably confident that I can replicate the protocol for my otheike r two weekly weightlifting sessions.  I always feel better following resistance workouts.  And my newfound restorative protocol is icing on the cake.

Before when I'd  purchase individual protein shakes after workouts, they'd be $4.50 a piece.  Quite cost prohibitive.  With my new protocol, I get 40-50 equivalents for $45.  Incredible upfront cost, but I'll more than recoup it on volume. C=PxV; Cost equals price times volume.  I'm a businessman (M.B.A.) fundamentally, economics, management, and my baileywick finance, investing, specifically stocks and bonds.

But hey, I'm first, foremost and foundationally an experimental scientist, B.S. general biology.  Successes must be replicated. Hypotheses either rejected or not.  That will be my primary M.O. for Tuesday when I workout with Kam.  I'm confident of result reproduction.


The Process of Pruning will Proceed Apace

Once upon a time, I talked very much.  In grades prior to high school, I frequently was reprimanded, called out on speaking when I really shouldn't have been.

Then my injury happened and I found oration more difficult.  I have to structure my verbiage, utilizing the principle of parsimony. Id est, when choosing between two hypotheses, all things being equal, the one with the fewest ad hoc assumptions is the preferable choice.  I utilize the quick rule of thumb that brevity is the soul of wit. Acronymized: K.I.S.S.:Keep It Short and Simple.

In that vein of thought, I am trying to cull my speech of superfluous paralanguage.  Examples include err, umm, basically any filler speech when one os trying to reach for a word while still speaking.  Henceforth, I shall think before I speak, talk, make any utterances whatsoever.  I wish not to waste energy with redundant thought or speech.


Facilitating interstate communication

Mere moments ago, I downloaded to my phone and had a conversation via Skype with my Prodigal Brother, my best buddy from my collegiate days.  Our conversation was between my Android phone in the Phoenix-area and his Apple desktop in the Denver-area.

I foresee more Skype convos in the future. "We have the technology."  Good first foray.ddy