And so it Begins

I just, literally seconds ago, had a facebook messenger conversation via my Android phone. My buddy and I are going to go to a different church.  We do this in the eternal quest for 'holy' women.  I use the word holy not by some hokey allusion to religiosity (well, not directly) but by its meaning,'set apart.'

My buddy, whom in September I will have known thirty years, and I are looking for wives, girlfriends, whatever, and in furtherance of that dream, we are looking for young ladies who are set apart and not just the hoi polloi.  It seems a worthy quest which has been delayed because of reasons.  I was too busy with hospitals and educational institutions to be the Timothy to his Titus.  Realizing that allusion is not precisely apropos, it seems close enough,  I shall play Sigma to his Alpha; 'tis a comfortable position for me, the esoteric outsider. This should be fun, particularly since I've been praying for something like this, in the words of balladeer Tom Jones, 'for the longest time.'

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