Stubborn Optimism Pays Dividends or at Least is Less Costly than Pernicious Pessimism

Well today at the gym while mounting the leg press, I noticed that my moustache comb was not in my pocket, but my pen was on my person.  This insight struck me as more than slightly incingiois -- my pen for my checkbook and my comb for my moustache are carried asa tandem pair, ala Paul and Titus.  You see one, the other cannot be far removed. 

Knowing that memory issues are quite common with brain injury has made hyper vigilant about keeping my faculties: wit, memory, locquationskills sharp, with the edge gossamar sharp.

Eventually I thought, 'I can go to the store tomorrow after I go weightlifting with my longtime (~30 years) friend after church -- I even contacted him via facebook messenger.  Serendipitously, I did not make a move directly from the gym, for when I got home and opened my drawer,staring me right in my four-eyes was my .  In my morning haste, I must've missed it.

Who knows, I may just pick up some, dime-a-dozen, spare combs.  Redundancies are a safe thing.

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