Sunday funday (possible paradigms)

Today my long-time (30 years in September) friend and I went to workout at the local gym.  I had a good workout...  Plus there is even a potential that a church buddy, with whom I have ancillarily known even longer (33-34 years) (pretty good friends since college about ten years ago) might be able to give me rides to the gym when he goes.  I recently tested a text number that he gave me a while back, and it worked.  Makes sense, he's not the sort of fellow to go around changing his number willy-nilly; id est, he's quite stoic, unflappable, and resolute.

I have a brain injury, that means I forget some things easily, repetition helps. More frequent resistance exercises would really help my brain remember my muscles, growthem, etcetera.

I weight train with people associated with my house about 3 times per week, my high school buddy usually once a week, and maybe other times with my church buddy would help.

What's the best way to get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice.  Parallels abound.


Use It or Lose It

These past few weeks since I've started not using my splint/ utilizing my left hand more, had seen marked reduction in my tonal spasticity.  I'm minded of the phrase how did you get better at doing anything.  As is Nike's slogan,  'just do it,' enough would make sense for the good of fleet feet.


Turns out, it Will Take More Money Than First Thought

A few days ago, my trial membership to Amazon Prime, afforded to me by the prime controller I bought, ran its course.  So, mere moments ago, I decided to sign up for an Amazon Prime account upgrade.  And to make it even more cost effective, I switched the default monthly plan to an annual plan.  Nice little ancillary benefit, no matter where I go, because it's tied to my account, I won't be dependent on others quite so much.  That'll add some long sought constancy to my otherwise topsy-turvy life.  As an added bonus, I can access my account via myriad digital formats and devices.  Ala John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, One Account to Control Them All.  Quite empowering if played properly, membership should bring opportunities.


The Season Strikes

My Right-Hand-Man, with whom I exercise, I did not exercise today, under the weather this morning.  And my long-time, with whom I regularly weightlift on Sundays, sms'd that he was feeling under the weather; do, tomorrow's probably a non-starter. And I'm telling a slight tickle in my throat. So, I guess it's  them, me, and the virus for a hat trick. 


Israel: One Who Wrestles with God

I pine for freedom; that's my central tenet. However, I'm fully cognizant that true freedom can never be achieved during this corporeal life. But as a Libertarian-leaning-Conservative, it remains my God-inspired mission to whenever possible to keep an open door. Id est, all options on the table. As an avowed Sigma-male, conformity and staid rote processes bore me. A central axiom of the Sigma is (paraphrasing) 'everybody is doing it; so, why should I?'
My university degree is in leadership, business administration; id est, structuring processes in such a manner as to best utilize the talents intrinsic in others to achieve goals, all the while facilitating growth in others for them to achieve their fullest potential.
My college degree is in general biology. I don't believe in being too specialized, it leads to easily to being pigeonholed. And in this new century, life is much more free flowing and superficial; id est, more fast paced and managed with a light touch, rather than a heavy hand. Modernity is replete with force multipliers, think simple machines in the newtonian world.


In Typical American Fashion (Viewing Deficits as Strengths)

I was born, I am, and I shall always be a stubborn Dutchman.  In the face of adversity, the goal seeming worthy, I remain relentless. Some people call it perseverance, some call it passion, I call it, well, stubbornness.
Maybe 'tis the fact that I refuse to listen to the naysayers; I mean, I hear them, but as is my wont, neither listen to nor give them credence. Maybe 'tis just my libertarian leanings and my wish to utter, while blowing the raspberries, "Oh well, Whatever, Nevermind."
Some call it perseverance, others call it determination, in my quintessential American Dutchman-fashion, I proudly declare myself a stubborn Dutchman.

Look Ma, No Hands (a Crutch is Removed)

Recently I made the decision to discontinue my botox-treatments. They weren't helping enough. On a cost benefit analytical level, the relaxation benefits did not justify the global sickness that the injections caused me. (side effects) To mitigate the inevitable tightness (muscle tone, spasticity) I shall rest on the crutches of weightlifting and stretching. Both reduce the spasms.

All it Takes is a Little More Money

Saturday my Right-Hand-Man and I went to Target (yes I'm talking full advantage of the RedCard for which I was recently approved) and made some purchases.  I got an Amazon Firestick. Without it, I can't even watch 'free' TV,  thanks to the technology revolutions. Sure 'tis am improvement, but it seems slightly onerous that it was imposed on me by the heavy hand of government.  As a Libertarian-leaning-Conservative Republican, coerced change rubs me the wrong way. Too few options for my wont.

Good Night, Sleep Tight...

As of a few weeks ago, the house has been infiltrated by an invasion of bedbugs. Friday (tomorrow), a crew of exterminators will bug bomb the house. The rest of the house will be going out for a handful of hours (movie, mall, park,  I dunno, I'm not interested); I will be going 3 doors east to visit my aunt. I would rather stay close to home, take life easier, savor every moment.