Israel: One Who Wrestles with God

I pine for freedom; that's my central tenet. However, I'm fully cognizant that true freedom can never be achieved during this corporeal life. But as a Libertarian-leaning-Conservative, it remains my God-inspired mission to whenever possible to keep an open door. Id est, all options on the table. As an avowed Sigma-male, conformity and staid rote processes bore me. A central axiom of the Sigma is (paraphrasing) 'everybody is doing it; so, why should I?'
My university degree is in leadership, business administration; id est, structuring processes in such a manner as to best utilize the talents intrinsic in others to achieve goals, all the while facilitating growth in others for them to achieve their fullest potential.
My college degree is in general biology. I don't believe in being too specialized, it leads to easily to being pigeonholed. And in this new century, life is much more free flowing and superficial; id est, more fast paced and managed with a light touch, rather than a heavy hand. Modernity is replete with force multipliers, think simple machines in the newtonian world.

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