Sunday funday (possible paradigms)

Today my long-time (30 years in September) friend and I went to workout at the local gym.  I had a good workout...  Plus there is even a potential that a church buddy, with whom I have ancillarily known even longer (33-34 years) (pretty good friends since college about ten years ago) might be able to give me rides to the gym when he goes.  I recently tested a text number that he gave me a while back, and it worked.  Makes sense, he's not the sort of fellow to go around changing his number willy-nilly; id est, he's quite stoic, unflappable, and resolute.

I have a brain injury, that means I forget some things easily, repetition helps. More frequent resistance exercises would really help my brain remember my muscles, growthem, etcetera.

I weight train with people associated with my house about 3 times per week, my high school buddy usually once a week, and maybe other times with my church buddy would help.

What's the best way to get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice.  Parallels abound.

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