Crises Averted, Protocol Emended

Today when I went down to the gym (Ability360), I thought I'd lost my cellphone on the Leg Press machine.  Though I questioned that, for I didn't remember my senses being peked by the sound of my celly falling, but I wasn't entirely certain; I like to think that I'd notice.

When I returned home and went to my room, my housemates were telling me to get my phone.  Whew, crises averted; e.g., getting a new phone, paying Verizon for a new phone (do not like spending money, when I really don't need to). Is set alarms on my phone: WAKE UP, Lunch, Dinner, Bed time. I have a very poor chronological memory, trouble multi-tasking, quite distractible; but I have a very good visual verbal memory (book-learning) All are getting better, but they take effort and precious brainspace.  As such, I rely on my phone for prompting and other schedule-type endeavors.  'We have the technology.'

I started it in Grad school to schedule MBA-concomitant study activities.  But as is the story with many an highly educated individual, the ingrained and ensconced information is readily available, but deviations to set patterns are difficult to cope with.

It would have been a strike at the very foundation of my psyche, my confidence, nevermind the trust of others that would be sullied.  If I cannot care for the portal to my communication, what else am I incapable of overseeing?  I am not yet to the point of asking, "Who is John Galt," Like Sisyphus, I still must push the boulder.

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