Back to the Drawing Board(s) (If at First You Don't Succeed...)

It so happens that the establishment where the speed dating event was to occur was shut down sometime between when I paid for the ticket and when the event was to occur (this evening). There was an eviction notice on the front door.  Sure I'm uut a few bucks, but ultimately undeterred.  There are other locations.  After all, I am a proudly stubborn American Dutchman.


It All Goes Down One Week Hence (preparation meets possibility)

itIf I can make all go according to script, I shall be speed dating in the evening.  I believe that I have constructed this Rube Goldberg machine with enough free space to allow me to get in a good weightlifting session in the fallow morning hours.

I had the inspiration (check)
Did my Googling (check)
Coordinated transportation (Right-Hand-Man check)
Purchased ticket (Debit Card check)
Have been thinking and praying about it (check)

I always feel better after 'throwing them around a little' (  Gets my blood flowing (oxygenation helps me think clearer, faster); should auger well for the evening's events.

Doing this all on my own, I hope this will be accretive to my life.  It is, i daresay, empowering.


Love it When a Plan Bears Fruit (Synergies Abound)

A while back, I subscribed to Amazon Prime for the TV. I chose it over Netflix, because I would also get shopping perks with Amazon's shopping website. A few days ago, a housemate was wondering where he could find a niche, somewhat obscure, board game.  I opined that I could check on the internet, I was certain that I would find it with all alacrity. After lunch we looked it up, found it, I ordered it. Itold him there'd be a markup (niche order). It arrived yesterday, i delivered his offer. He paid me today. Good deal all around, he got what he wanted, strengthened our friendship, and I wet my beak in the process. Win-win-win.