It All Goes Down One Week Hence (preparation meets possibility)

itIf I can make all go according to script, I shall be speed dating in the evening.  I believe that I have constructed this Rube Goldberg machine with enough free space to allow me to get in a good weightlifting session in the fallow morning hours.

I had the inspiration (check)
Did my Googling (check)
Coordinated transportation (Right-Hand-Man check)
Purchased ticket (Debit Card check)
Have been thinking and praying about it (check)

I always feel better after 'throwing them around a little' (  Gets my blood flowing (oxygenation helps me think clearer, faster); should auger well for the evening's events.

Doing this all on my own, I hope this will be accretive to my life.  It is, i daresay, empowering.

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