Jaunt to the Store

After weightlifting today, my Right-Hand-Man and I made a Target run. I opted to actually go to the store rather than online shop, because what I needed (body wash and spare shaver heads) didn't warrant a for shipment.  I also got some coca-cola, that docent shop with normal deliveries; Id est, coke only ships with orders larger than I make. Because if I don't have enough to qualify for free delivery, what's ther point. Might as well tack a Target trip to an already enshrined rote outing; so, I did just that. However, they didn't have the shaver heads that I needed; so, I shall just have to stock up on my next order.  But not to worry, I still have one, that should tide me over until I'm running low on raisin bran, my usual metric to tell me when a new order is in order. I heed the advice to not spend all my money in one place (or at one time, which cosmologically are the same thing). I wonder if it doesn't count since I shall utilize both Target and  But I also throw in some shipments and prime visio watchung. By dint of the duopoly nature of my spending, there  is no singular monopole. Different service for different products/services. Whatever works. Consumables and toiletries, or associated brick and mortar loci. Clothes and other one time or scheduled ecurring shipments, and of course streaming video, Amazon. Com.

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