Takin' What They're Giving 'Cause There's a Pandemic on, but I'm Still Living

In the wake of the reaction to Chinese Flu, I've turned to online shopping for my foodstuffs deliveries. Whereas I'd normally go TO Target to get my raisin bran and M&M's, in response to the lockdown, I perused, which delivers to my house from the local Target, and saw that the raisin bran and M&M's were picked over and gone.  No giant raisin bran, no smaller raisin bran, no M&M's; so, I ordered some socks (my current assortment of socks are mismatched and worn) and some electric shaver heads (better to have a surplus in reserve than a dearth in the lurch). That shipment should arrive Friday, March 27.  When I perused a few days later, I found and ordered raisin bran but smaller boxes than usual and found and ordered some M&M's (larger size than usual, no complaints). Projected to arrive Monday, March 30.

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