Forge on for a Fortnight

This morning, while listening toet usall praymy country radio morning show, which is my wont, a governor's message came over the waves. Governor Doug Ducey set a date of May 15 for the lifting of the home quarantine restriction (Hunker and Bunker) decree. .Let us all pray that ths holds.  The Gubernatorial decree, not the restriction.


Think Local, Act Digital

Wherever possible, I've been migrating my online purchases from to Target. com.

There is a Target site right around the corner (neighborhood adjacent). The sales tax that I arm assessed for any purchases will stay in  the neighborhood, the offerings are pretty comparable, I have a Target Red Debit Card; so, that's 5% percent right off thr top. 

Of course, I always have Prime video for TV.  So, I have options, and choice is a good thing. 

Just Because We're in Quarantine, Doesn't Mean We can Slack Off

Even though the gyms are all on lockdown, we must do our own physical upkeep. I am doing 250 pushups thrice weekly.  Id est,  5 x 50 pushups (Tu,Th,Sa).

One never knows how critical an industry is until it is shuttered. 


New Insights

While Googling, data plan usage, I discovered how little SMS and email consume compared to video. 

POSITIVES: I can still communicate with friends, family, the outside world, et al.

I can still check on my investments (t hose apps don't  ear up to much data) 

NEGATIVES:  Can't watch the news (YouTube and like vidro apps consume much data) and the wi-fi went out last Tuesday. 

TAKEAWAY: I must be very parsimonious in my data usage.  Make every Byte count. 


What Started as a Lark, Becomes a Chronological Demarcatior

I started growing my moustache slightly before President The Donald was elected, but I always kept it neatly trimmed.  In the ll of this year, as if presaging the pandemic, I decided to let my tassles go native, eventually to have each tucked behind its respective ear, much like Sam Elliott in his Big Lebowski cameo appearance, quite simply because 'The Dude Abides.' And because a large moustache is a status symbol. 

I intended to let my moustache grow as long as this pandemic and attendant economic ramifications persist and reverberate. 

By all models of calamities past, I ought to get honestly highly hirsute before all's said and done. 

The Day for which I Prepped Finally Arrived

Tonight's dinner eas chicken and rice.  To much of the latter, far too little of thr former.  Thus, it necessitated that I dip into my reserve food to supplement my protein requirements. After all, that was the main thrust of my quarantine emergency survival reserve food stock.  To be used as a last resort. Were I to make it through three crucible unscathed, I'd relegate it to snackage-fodder, but it served its intended purpose. Glad my Right-Hand-Man took me shopping that day while the shelves were yet to be totally gleaned of easy pickin'a.  Pays to preplan like the much-maligned doomsday preppers. The fodder of late night comics and liberal pundits, et al. But my retort is quite simply,  "who's laughing now?"  And I still have untapped foodstuffs. Im sitting in the catbird seat, grinning like the Cheshire cat. As Tom Petty would retort, "Go ask Alice." 

Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. I'll have it when I need it. 


Steps Undertaken

Heretofore, I shall always have a store of reserve foodstuffs.  I ordered 2 months of food from  Should arrive in 9-11 weeks.  I shalh migrate it with me wherever I may roam.  It shall soothe my anxieties.  I have cereal in the meantime, more on the way.  That should fill the lurch in these Mad Max, Dystopian days.  I'm pretty certain that more company food will arrive soon.  But one can never be TOO careful.

Foreseen Shortfalls

Looks like my Boy Scout training my soon come into full effect.  The house is run on a shoestring.  A while back, I stocked up on backup foodstuff, protein bars, granola bars, beefstick, snickers. However, my buddy has some oatmeal that he had me order for him and is going to share with the roommates.  I routinely order shipments of raisin bran, with another scheduled to arrive Wednesday.  I'm good, but just don't want to leave my buddies in the lurch.

Seek and ye shall find; find and ye shall watch; watch and ye shall blog

After dinner, I had a brain spark.  Remembering that my church has an A/V department, the thought struck me like a bolt from out of the blue, 'Wiseguy, check the website.'  Lo and behold, there was an Easter sermon by the minister of education on the events surrounding Easter (tomb, rolling of the stone, resurrection).  One of my roommates and I watched it.

Wasn't as good as being there, but better than I could've expected.
So,looks like this shall be the paradigm for a while.

Easter in a Time of Pandemic (If Mark Can't Come to Church, Bring the Church to Mark) When God Closes a Door, He Opens an App)

In these times of quarantine whe social gatherings of many people ste verboten, that makes church gatherings quite impossible (because of social distancing).  As a stubborn 21st century digital Dutchman, I gathered with one of my roommates around my phone, YouTube app opened to a Baptist sermon, streaming several pastors extolling God's Word.

Sure it's not idyllic, but what ever is.


Follow the Signs

A while ago, I noticed a white hair in my moustache; 'twas small, easily forgotten, so, that's what I did.  Looking at my visage today in the mirror, i espied my face and in my moustache's left tassel is a long-ish, sinuous white hair snaking its way through my otherwise ruddy/auburn/brown soup-catcher


Season Finally Shifted

I can now once again wear my shorts and not get an uncomfortable chill.  High temperature today was forecast to be 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually I remain in jeans until it gets into the eighties, but today I just had a feeling in  the air, and when I just checked my phone, it displayed 79 F'n degrees. That's close enough to make me happy. I suppose that's just my epicaricacy.


Changing Debits into Cash, Now That Shelves are Being Restocked

Now that the COVID-pall is starting to thaw, as the house technocrat, I'm back to procuring items for my roommates.  They give me cash, I order items from either or preferably  I am subscribed to Amazon for the TV (prime video); so, any purchases get free delivery, my Target Red Debit card gives me 5% discount, and if the purchase is over $35, delivery is free.  If my roommates' purchases are too small, I bolster them with my own purchases.  Either way delivery is mitigated.


Per Monty Python

The cloud of this pandemic may just be the slap across the hysteric's face that we needed to change our social behavior. The quarantine has effectively curtailed any of my excess spending, id est, forced savings. I'm having to think in a more longitudinal manner. E.g., once this pail hath lifted and normalcy is resumed, I fully intend to resume my search for a wife,  go on some speed dates. Forced savings. 'Always look on the bright side of your life...'


The Economic Coil Gets Compressed

This economic downturn was caused by a government instituted (over)reaction to a pandemic.   To constrain the COVID-19  malady, Hunker and Bunker was decreed, this inactivity caused pent up demand. When the spring doth get sprung, the growth ought be tremendous. If this downturn tracks with previous downturns and I just hold pat, my future should be pretty secure.  That's the theory anyway.

I have been gobbling up cheap stocks while they're low with the dividends that I'm slowly receiving. 


Fires on the Horiozion

Seems amid the COVID-19 pandemic, countries are beginning to choose sides.  It's starting to get precarious.   Hopefully this doesn't portend WWIII.  All I know is that the world is a tinderbox right now. Society on a razor's edge.


Playing Both Ends against the MiddleMan

I have been tasked with procuring some oatmeal for a roommate by that roommate. In these trying times my role as Dutch middleman garners much value added. In this quarantine era, communication is king. I can get the oatmeal at a discount, and resell it at a profit. The very epitome of a Win-win proposition. And providing this service is a win-win-win. Being a technocrat has its rewards.