Getting Woke with Alacrity

Early this morning in attempts to cook quiche, the smoke alarm blared. The whole house was woken with a start.That caregiver was not aware of the trickery of my oven.  It used to do the same thing to my mom.


May 28, 2020 (Start of Civil War II)?

Tonight while watching the mess om YouTube (Tim Pool- TimcastIRL), I see riots breaking out across the country. 

I have lost all trust in Main Stream Media. Too many cooks in thr kitchen; Id est, filters 

In the wake of the death of George Floyd. (Minnesota), bedlam is the order of the day from coast to coast. 

White House on lockdown. President Donald Thump called out the police officer in question. 


It Looks Like Spring Hath Sprung (in Multiple Modalities)

Spring in the sense that 'tis indubitably warmer.  Also the Chinese-flu-pandemic born last fall is dissipating. And the subsequent market tumult seems to be subsiding, but not before causing massive losses. Of course, this sets the stage for an upswing. 


Enter Spoonman

Awhile back, one of my housemates gave  me a really nice spoon  with which for me to eat my morning cereal.  It is my wont to periodically, when my supply runs low, buy Giant sized raisin bran from I do it in effort to keep the trains running on time. Much fiber. 

I do, however, use the spoon quite often. Of course, i rinse it off following each utilization. 

I always keep it in my bank pocket,  'just in case.' Never know when a nice spin might come in handy.   In a pinch, it could act as either a blackjack or other blunt force multiplier 


Quite Proud of my Vote

When my Arizona governor Doug Ducey reiterated his decision to stick to his guns and reopen Arizona on May 15, I was proud that I'd voted for him, support him. Arizona, a Republican-led state, is actually following the scientific consensus. Now is the time to reopen, the economy demands it.  More people would die, were we not to reopen. Our society is too interconnected to long support isolation. 


Leveraging My Creative Capital for fun, profit and camaraderie

Mere moments ago, my housemate came up to me requesting that I order him some stuff from Earlier in the day, he'd met with his mother and gotten some cash. I purchased a Tupperware cereal portable container, some concomitant cereal to fill it and some honey mustard to spice up meals. Of course, I took a small commission. In true capitalist fashion, the transaction was total win-win-win.  I get a charge out of helping people, and it didn't hurt that my break got wet in the process.  Everybody's happy.  Oh yeah, the shipment is slated to arrive at my house Friday. 

Once Bitten, Twice Enboldened

So, I think I caught and bested the COVID.  Documented it days later (cf: I Fought the Flu and the Flu Lost) (1/26). Did it once, it was rough but, I can do it again.  It was a tough few days, but I'm pretty healthy, serious flu, but flu nonetheless.  Ready to reopen the economy.

Based on the theory that pent up demand causes the economy and the stock market to act as a coiled spring, I am eagerly awaiting the eventual return to normalcy, and all the attendant adventures .it will bring with it.  Vee shaped recovery, baby.


The First Concomitant Soul Falls

On this Mother's Day while streaming my local church service, I learned that one church member did succumb to COVID-19. 

This far that is the only person whom I am separated closer than the 6-degrees that has been struck down by COVID. A roommate has a relation who has recovered, and I think I had it in January, but am all recovered. 


Retrospectively Viewing my Penny-Pinching Proclivity as a Genius-Stroke (Quite Prescient)

A few years ago while in Target checkout line, my eyes were drawn to their Red Debit Card, discount card.  Upon further research, I discovered that the card works good in-store and online (, which has a certain forward-thinking ring to it now considering the quarantine we've been undergoing as of late.  Free delivery on most orders over $35. On items that are excluded, (e.g. Soda Pop) I ask my up pickup Sarge, (cf: A Few Good Men) a Staff Seargeant buddy from church, to pick them up for me.

The card really helps online.  To wit, I just received an order (5 boxes of Giant Sized Raisin Bran and 2 Party Sized bags of Peanut M&Ms. Wednesday, I am slated to take delivery of an economy sized bag of floss-picks.  Even in quarantine, oral hygiene must be maintained.  COVID may come and COVID may go, but adult teeth, they're forever. Hopefully. The M&Ms were thrown in as fodder to reach the $35 threshold, but I shall eat them irregardless; so, if I have to anyway, might as well... Looks like I am forced to eat M&Ms. Perish the thought.

When the Combat (by MusvlePharm) protein powder I bought from which enhances my workout regimen runs out, I shall switch to Muscle Milk from for the protein portion of my dietary excercise regimen. Oh well...

The government COVID-quarantine response has made a lifelong internet-first shopper/consumer out of this 21st Century Digital Boy. (Cf: Think Local, Act Digital)


Think I May Have Beat COVID-19. hindsight 20/20

I had a bout with the flu a while ago that was so acute that I felt it rose to the level that i blogged about it (cf: I Fought the Flu and the Flu Lost [Jan 26]).  True to my cowboy bravado, I merely withstood the onslaught.  Good thing governor Ducey has set the reopening of the State for mid-May (5/15/2020).  The economy (my bailiwick, MBA 09, WPCarey) needs to get back to business.  More will die if the shutdown continues too long (starvation, lack of fundamental services, disruptions in supply chain, et cetera),

Changes abound, Changes all around

The after effects of the COVID-calamity will have long-lasting repercussions.  Innovations created to cope with externally created virus and internally contrived recession-inducing  economic shutdown. 


Wow, My Bedroom has Become a Church in its own Right

Sundays after lunch, I rebroadcast a stream of my local church sermon.  I utilize my local church's website run through my TV's web browser, or I YouTube the service. Whatever works.  I am regularly joined by one of my housemates.  I like being able to provide that 'servoce.'  My little, local church has a good A/V department.