My Core Competency Crusade l

After my Traumatic; Brain Injury,  I went: back to high school, where I excelled in Biology and English. 

In my undergraduate studies, I chiefly pursued Biology.  Feeling drawn to Business generally SMS'd sticks specifically, Social Sciences were a Minor pursuit. Psychology, Sociology, History (study) English composition, Economics (Micro and Macro)  were taken. 

Then while completing a post-collegiate unpaid internship for the Arizona State Laboratory in the administration department, my mother p left a brochure addressed to her for the local branch of the major State University. The campus located nearest out house eas having a 'master's own house.' The camps was having a blowout of their masters programs before transitioning into undergraduate feeder schools for the main campus which was to house all of their graduate programs. 

With dreams of Risky Business, I went about making preparations to get my transcripts transferred, study for and schedule the entrance exam. 

While there, I paid acute attention thi my courses especially the Finance course. Having an eye on future possibilities, I absorbed the course content with alacrity and aptitude 

Being the consummate Dutchman, my frugal nature leads me to live a semi-Spartan existence, skiing all surfeit monies and investing them. Saving and investing are my bailiwick. My Dutch frugality is quite accretive to my investing pursuits. Utilizing my Gen-X/Millennial technological aptitude, I've become Witte adept at navigating there Schwab testing platform