Some Assembly Required

The next great leap forward in space exploration is space construction.

By building in space, the need for transmissionof of Earth's atmosphere.
 Is negated. 

Quite promising and hopeful. 
The sky's no longer the limit. 


Loaded Money onto my Account

Since I finally (only ordered it Thursday) received my chromebook, before dinner, I loaded a gift card to my Target account. 

I find both and quite convenient, particularly in these COVID-constricted times. 

Each serves its purpose, Target for general foodstuffs and common clothing; Amazon for ala-carte electronics and specially clothing

I voted 2020

Yesterday, my aunt delivered to the post office our completed absentee ballots. 

That way no Shenanigans, tomfoolery, nor any ballyhoo should be able to interfere with our 'lots being counted. 


It Fell on Black Days

Yesterday my chromebook crapped out on me, the screen went blank when I opened it to start working, checking stocks, emails, et al. However all of my apps and functionality have migrated to my phone.

I checked again this morning, on the off chance that it was just a glitch. No suck luck. I SMS'd my cousin, he's a silicon valley tech nerd. Not being a Chromebook user himself, he asked around his cadre of programmers for their suggestions. He responded with a website of offerings.  I went on it, discovered that what his nerd herd suggested was the best cost/benefit  offering.🤑

I looked it up and bought it on

Slated to arrive Tuesday October 13.

Hope it's not an ill fated purchase, arriving on the 13th of October. 🎃 But as a Libertarian-leaning Republican, I don't go in for all that numerology hokum.