It Fell on Black Days

Yesterday my chromebook crapped out on me, the screen went blank when I opened it to start working, checking stocks, emails, et al. However all of my apps and functionality have migrated to my phone.

I checked again this morning, on the off chance that it was just a glitch. No suck luck. I SMS'd my cousin, he's a silicon valley tech nerd. Not being a Chromebook user himself, he asked around his cadre of programmers for their suggestions. He responded with a website of offerings.  I went on it, discovered that what his nerd herd suggested was the best cost/benefit  offering.🤑

I looked it up and bought it on

Slated to arrive Tuesday October 13.

Hope it's not an ill fated purchase, arriving on the 13th of October. 🎃 But as a Libertarian-leaning Republican, I don't go in for all that numerology hokum. 

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