Finally Got the Needle

Got my first COVID vaccination today.  There's promise that i will; able to do more once I receive my second shot.🤞 


A Dutchman, Known to Utilize a dutchman or Two

In woodworking, dutchman is an ad hoc process, tool or material that is used in an impromptu manner; e.g. a shim to allow space when conducting a table, chair, stool or cabinet. 

Ther are a few specialities in the Dutch paradigm: writers.  (Hans Christian Andersson), artists (Vincent Van Gogh and a distant maternal relation to me,  Rembrandt), nautical (Dutch were mad seafarers during colonial times) and financial (first international stockmarket 1602).

I know naught about woodworking, craftmanship,  et al. My Dutch Core Competency lay in the financial arena. Id est, my bailiwick is investments. Principally equity and equity derivative devices.

Breaking the Flu, Breaking the Flu

This past fortnight, reminiscent of last January (I Fought the Flu,  and the Flu Lost), a seemingly innocuous bug, one that i should easily be able to vanquish, attacked my nasal sinus, made its way too my ear.  Then down my eustachian tube and to refuge in my throat. Thrust to lungs, where I am coughing thre phlegm up and expelling it from my body systems. I sincerely hope next year doesn't make it a trifecta.🤞


A Familiar Hat

 Once again I reprized my role as house technocrat.  Being a Capitalist, I have greater access to more of the technological and financial apparatus than my housemates do.  Acting in my role as MiddleMan, I ordered some foodstuffs from a fast food chain over the internet.  I used DoorDash to get some stuff from Sonic and deliver it to my house. Financing it all with one of his gift cards.  Hard to go wrong, using someone else's money.